Patient Testimonials

  • “Here at Worcester Physical Therapy, I received good information regarding my issue and how to prevent re-injury in the future. Friendly staff made me comfortable to talk and discuss my options.”

    David P.

  • “Patti is an excellent therapist. Adjusts therapy for each person based on changes in the body. Have already referred her to all my friends.”

    Simone A.

  • “Provided me with all the treatments and attention needed to make for a quick recovery.”

    Esther M.

  • “I can finally sleep all night !!!”

    Barbara R.

  • “Therapists kept trying to find a technique that would work well for me and my specific problem. I feel like there is hope now, and am confident I can do exrcises at home.”

    Collen T

  • “Both Jimmy and Debbie were truly excellent!!! They both made the exercises easy to understand as well as being generally concerned for my pain and progress.”

    Debra M.

  • “I was very satisfied with my experience at Worcester Physical Therapy. Information was easy to understand and the staff was patient and friendly.”

    Jennifer N.

  • “I broke my leg in 15 places from an accident while playing soccer with one of my kids. Worcester PT was so helpful and fit me in on Christmas Eve, when no other clinic around had availability. The entire staff was so invested in my recovery, working together with their different skill sets to get me back to normal. I went from my PT treatment to the Post-Rehab Exercise Program, and have now since returned to my normal fitness routine. I loved working with the staff so much that I joined their gym to continue my workouts with them.”

    Miriam C.

  • “At 77, I know I need special care, and that’s exactly what I got with Worcester PT. Over the last 7 years, they’ve helped me recover from every injury I’ve had and every post-surgery rehab I’ve needed. I keep coming back because the staff is so caring, competent and friendly, and because the space is so open and bright.”

    Judy S.

  • “Both my kids have come to Worcester PT for athletic training and for rehab. I was so impressed by their treatment plans and progress, as well as with the staff and the facility itself, that I came back for my own physical therapy when I had my hip replaced. They helped me so much, I was only 5 weeks into my treatment plan when I started walking without my cane or crutches.”

    Joe C.

  • “I’m 9 and my doctor told me I needed physical therapy for my foot, because I have Sever’s Disease, which is when the Achilles tendon attaches to the growth plate on your heel. My foot was swollen and felt painful, and I was afraid of what physical therapy would be like, but my therapists made PT fun and made me feel comfortable. They helped me to strengthen my ankle which relieved the pain. Within a few months, I placed third in a youth triathlon and had no pain!”

    Autumn P.

  • “Before working with Worcester Physical Therapy I was only able to stand for about 30 minutes and sit for about 30 minutes before my back would start really hurting. With the help of Nash and Lisa, I was able through their guidance to build my core strength to the point that I was able to do my 3-day photography event, (on my feet most of the time), and still be able to walk to my room when finished for the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa, for all your help. I could not have completed this assignment without you. Also thanks to Nash, Matt, Chad, Debbie, Patty and every other Therapist that has helped me to better health.”

    Rick E.

  • “As I hopped on to my Teeter Inversion Table this morning I once again was filled with gratitude toward the staff at Worcester Physical Therapy. For the past 6+ years I have started my day with the set of stretching exercises prescribed for me for a bulging disc injury without fail. I attribute the health of my spine and no reoccurrence of back troubles to these stretches. Needless to say they helped me immensely.”

    Susan W.

  • “As an RN, I was aware of your reputation for healthcare and physical therapy. The staff was very professional and yet I felt very personally attended to by them, especially Patty. I could not imagine being treated any better, both personally and professionally.”

    Rosemary F.

  • “Worcester Physical Therapy was crucial for us this [baseball] season in a variety of ways. Throughout a 55+ game season our guys were bound to get some minor and potential major injuries. Worcester PT got our guys in to see them ASAP and back on the the field extremely quickly and safely, all while giving our staff and players invaluable advice on time frames of rest, rehab, and availability. Without these guys, some minor injuries could have turned into something more serious. I can’t say thank you enough to the Fusionetics program, implemented by Worcester PT, for helping our guys understand some of the warning signs of injury before they actually happened as well. Without Worcester PT, we wouldn’t have the success we have had in the last two seasons.”

    Justin Edwards, Head Coach, Worcester Bravehearts

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